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Welcome to Our Practice

Thank you for taking the time to visit with us. We are Dr. Tim and Tiffany Tweedy and along with our staff, we are pleased that you chose us to serve your dental needs. We are a proud part of our community and enjoy connecting on a personal level with all of our patients. We strive to offer you the expectional service you deserve by using advanced technology to ensure excellent diagnosis and treatment in a comfortable setting.

If you are looking to see if our office would be a good fit for you, then we invite you to explore our website. We want all of our patients to be informed decision makers because we believe that a dentist and patient become a team in treating your dental needs. If we can be of any help or service to you, or if you would like to schedule an appointment, please reach out to our wonderful staff.

We hope to see you soon!

Dr. Tim Tweedy D.D.S
Dr. Tiffany Tweedy D.D.S.


New Patient Forms

To save time at your first appointment, please complete the patient registration forms by clicking on the corresponding link below and following the prompts. They will be electronically sent to our office.




Please bring the following items to your first appointment.

  • The names and numbers of all doctors currently treating you
  • The names and dosages of all medications that you take
  • If you have dental insurance please bring your insurance card

Payment is due at the time of service. We accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or Care Credit.

Hours of Operation

Monday: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Tuesday: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Wednesday: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Thrusday: 7:00am - 4:00pm
Friday: 7:00am - 1:00pm

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  (5 out of 5)  by Nicholas R. - April 18,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Amy L. - April 10,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Kris C. - April 10,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Brad S. - April 10,2019
Staff is super duper awesome and fun, always in a great mood.
  (5 out of 5)  by Jamie M. - April 9,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Linda M. - April 9,2019
I felt the Dr to be extremely efficient and knowledgeable. As a provider myself, I felt she took the time to explain what and why she did certain things, as well as showed them to me. I was very pleased with my first visit.
  (5 out of 5)  by Lana W. - April 6,2019
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Kent E. - April 5,2019
Overall, another great experience with then DbD team.
  (5 out of 5)  by Dawn H. - April 4,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Allison K. - April 3,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Thomas T. - April 3,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Anita T. - April 2,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Shawn C. - April 1,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Rebecca J. - April 1,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Crystal E. - April 1,2019
Great first impression!!! I've already referred my husband:) Thanks so much for the thourough care I received today.
  (5 out of 5)  by Kyle K. - March 27,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Carol P. - March 25,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Brenda S. - March 25,2019
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Kelly K. - March 22,2019
April was great. Liked that she educated on oral cancer detection since I work in oncology.
  (5 out of 5)  by Terri C. - March 21,2019
The entire team is warm,friendly and helpful. Every encounter has been positive.
  (5 out of 5)  by Scott C. - March 20,2019
Very very thorough and extremely friendly. My wife and I are so glad we switched to Dentistry by Design!
  (5 out of 5)  by Ellen S. - March 19,2019
Jaime and your whole staff is awesome. My family loves their Dental practice. Thanks for doing suck a great job.
  (5 out of 5)  by Joyce P. - March 19,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Katherine I. - March 18,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Mark P. - March 15,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Timothy M. - March 15,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Linda W. - March 15,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Steven B. - March 13,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Carla R. - March 11,2019
I'm a new patient and Dr. Tiffany and staff were warm and welcoming. She took me in on a short notice and is fixing a chipped tooth for me prior to my vacation. Great experience!
  (5 out of 5)  by Hazel T. - March 7,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Lily F. - March 7,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Elizabeth M. - March 5,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Mike B. - March 5,2019
I couldn't believe how communicative the dentist was, answering my questions and explaining every step of the process. They were wonderful!
  (5 out of 5)  by Michelle L. - March 5,2019
Very happy with my appointment - thank you!
  (5 out of 5)  by Penny V. - March 5,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Sarah S. - March 5,2019
Everyone there was very professional and very welcoming! I will be back! Thank you for being so thorough and explaining and even showing me what you saw!!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Chelsey L. - March 4,2019
Thank you Dr. Tiffany for making my experience back at the Dentist such a wonderful one! Looking forward to my cleaning!
  (5 out of 5)  by Kari S. - March 1,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Paul L. - March 1,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Liam I. - March 1,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Sandra G. - February 26,2019
Always on time and friendly.
  (5 out of 5)  by Laura J. - February 20,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Sarah W. - February 19,2019
We have been going to Dentistry By Design for EVER!! It has always had the best people working there... They are like family. I have NEVER felt rushed and when we have needed to get in they have always been able to do it.
  (5 out of 5)  by Michele F. - February 19,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Barb H. - February 13,2019
I just recommended Dentistry by Design to a friend looking for a dentist. I have felt my dental needs are well addressed and the staff is not only professional but friendly. Love this place!?
  (5 out of 5)  by Paja Y. - January 31,2019
Great job today! Ann was very friendly and helpful!
  (5 out of 5)  by Jill P. - January 28,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Randall S. - January 25,2019
Friendly and efficient experts.
  (5 out of 5)  by Richard F. - January 22,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Lena H. - January 16,2019
Thanks for a great first visit.
  (5 out of 5)  by Debbie R. - January 15,2019
Absolutely love your office and staff - always recommending you when someone asks!
  (5 out of 5)  by Douglas T. - January 15,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Susan B. - January 15,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Paula D. - January 10,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Jake M. - January 10,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Heather H. - January 9,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Carri J. - January 1,2019
I am always anxious when I have to go to the dentist.....but your team makes it easier and less stressful....thank you.
  (5 out of 5)  by Naomi S. - December 26,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Lana W. - December 16,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Joann M. - December 15,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by James P. - December 13,2018
Great people and great care. Very patient with the patients (get it). Really appreciate their culture.
  (5 out of 5)  by Sandra S. - December 12,2018
Dentistry by Design is THE PLACE TO GO for EXCELLENT DENTAL CARE and PROFESSIONAL SERVICES. Everyone makes you (the patient) feel welcome, comfortable, and they use the latest equipment and techniques for comfort, keeping excellent oral health and ways to keep you smiling with the results. I 100% recommend Dentistry by Design...I have been a patient for years and years! THANK YOU Dentistry by Design Team! Keep smiling along with me!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Carol P. - December 11,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Grace R. - December 6,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Christopher M. - December 6,2018
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Stephen P. - December 6,2018
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Rene P. - December 5,2018
Jamie is a great bridge between what I?m thinking and articulating (which can be different) to help Dr. Tiffany and I treatment plan. Thank you to both of them for helping me feel confident in my smile.
  (5 out of 5)  by Elizabeth W. - December 3,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Gail W. - November 30,2018
I just sent your name to a friend. Thanks to your whole team for all your years of excellent care to my family
  (5 out of 5)  by Kelsey R. - November 29,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Denise H. - November 29,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Brady D. - November 28,2018

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  • Dr Timothy S Tweedy

    Dr. Tweedy was born and raised in Winona, Minnesota.  He received a degree in biology from Gustavus Adolphus College in 1996.  He attended Marquette University School of Dentistry were he received his DDS in 2000.  

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  • Dr. Tiffany J Tweedy

    Dr. Tweedy was born in Edina, Minnesota and raised in Hutchinson, Minnesota.  She graduated with high honors from the University of  Notre Dame in 1998.  She attended Marquette University School of Dentistry where she received her DDS in 2002.  

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What Our Clients Say About Us

  • "Overall, another great experience with then DbD team."
    Dawn H. - April 4,2019
  • "Great first impression!!! I've already referred my husband:) Thanks so much for the thourough care I received today."
    Kyle K. - March 27,2019
  • "April was great. Liked that she educated on oral cancer detection since I work in oncology."
    Terri C. - March 21,2019

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